Silvia Müller is the pen of the blog, she curates the photographs and the SLOW+FASHION+DESIGN image.

She finds sharing positive stories inspiring. She is passionate about doing this and does it in a confidential and instinctive way.

“Describing myself is the hardest thing to do. Shyness follows me but I will try to open myself up.”



I was born in Milan, city where history, tradition, traffic, skylines and social life come together in a chaotic way.

People are able to capture what they prefer to.

It is a bit like home to me. Childhood memories, big parks, shiny shops, “la madonnina.”

When I was a little girl, I moved to Treviso where I started to appreciate the SLOW speed of the small, gorgeous town. Where the connection to roots are strong, home means family and traditions are still alive.

Today, I couldn’t live without my rhythms, colors and flavors of Treviso.



I was raised with traditional values where nothing has to be wasted and everything can be reused.

I am passionate about looking for the essential in all things. Listen to and live deeply.

So without even knowing, I have started to adopt the SLOW philosophy.

I think beauty stands everywhere, in people, nature, objects, the important thing is to be able to capture it.

I strongly believe that food is the key to lead a healthy and happy life.

I believe in respecting people and nature as these are our own extention. The consciousness and responsibility of everything and everyone could be the solution to everything.

Writing the SLOW+FASHION+DESIGN blog and website is a great way to live and share all this.


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