DESIGN – object’s conceptualization and organization according to beauty and functionality.

ETHICAL – a philosophy branch that allows to distinguish behaviours based on morals. It is ethically correct what relates to honesty, integrity and loyalty.

ETHICAL DESIGN – combines these two concepts and goes beyond.

With ETHICAL DESIGN, we refer to a functional, sustainable, conscious and aesthetically beautiful design.


Definitely challenging!

We believe this to be tomorrow’s excellence for designers. ETHICAL DESIGN puts utility, practicality and quality at the core.

A particular attention goes on people and environment, without leaving aesthetic aside. This last one though is seen as an additional value, the designer’s signature.


In the last 20-years design has focused on lines as well as simple, clean and harmonious forms.

The emphasis has been put on technical, specific and performance-driven materials of indisputable beauty. Often with the intention to intrigue, thrill, impress and switch the projectual focus toward research, trends and technologies.

Now, it important to highlight ethics.
Many designers use natural, or recycled elements but the focus on people and environment is still too low.

Just like the bio industry, ECO design risks to become another trend of the moment.

The object’s origin, manufacturing, packaging, marketing are intrinsic to the product’s success. ETHICAL DESIGN has to follow each step of the way ensuring a conscious approach.

Beauty is based on a set of factors.

The consciousness of purchasing a product that doesn’t bring any type of harm, but on the contrary honors the work of people, means to have an object that will maintain its beauty over the years.

This is the ethical responsibility of progressive design.



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