Digital technologies deeply changed the world in a few years.

Digital networks have taken a primary role in nowadays society, reshaping most work processes. In the fashion industry, this launched a staggering and consistent transformation.



Twenty years ago, in order to create a fashion collection, we went travelling on the other side of the world, wandering each time on a professional and personal journey to find inspiration, new trends and styles.

Moodboards were realised with printed pictures, remnants of fabric and spuns, giving them a tridimensional, evocative effect. The industry required strong drawing skills, since everything was created by hand: sketches, models, looks. Modelers had the delicate job of giving shape to an emotion. Two collections per year at a maximum.

Nowadays, everything changed: each season can produce up to four collections. The modeler is an almost gone profession, since design is computer-drawn and data can be transferred through an aseptic network. Timeless fashion styles do not exist anymore, today is for here and now only, while tomorrow the same thing is obsolete. An exaggerrated product range, all with the same features, with no soul.

The digital era has surely brought with it a lot of innovation, but there is much at stake, such as leaking skills, or losing the concept of brand identity and its uniqueness.

Back in the day, the only way to purchase a product was heading to a shop. With the global market, now, you can buy items from faraway countries online.

Web marketing became a fundamental asset for any company willing to stay in the market, from multinationals to the smallest of businesses. However, it’s as much important not to let the digital context swallow all the principles.

A lot of companies focused on cutting off the costs, therefore proceeding to obliterate several professions that are essential to the fashion world. This drained the product of its beauty, with plain and all-conformed collections.

Those who maintain their identity and teamwork are the ones that actually surface and stand out.

Fashion is not just a matter of covering our bodies up with some fabrics: it is a form of knowledge, emotion, and art. A way of self-expression that needs to retrieve a slow and aware dimension.