Collaborating with Slow + Fashion + Design means approaching or developing a new business model especially in the Fashion and Design sector, based on slow philosophy, sustainability, ethics and territoriality.
Slow + Fashion + Design thanks to its specialized partners is able to support the development through a network of contacts of small ethical companies that support the value of territoriality to create quality products.
It offers the opportunity to design innovation and communicate the journey towards ethical sustainability.
SLOWFASHIONDESIGN also coordinates co-branding / co-marketing initiatives with companies, artisans or professionals or the other, for the realization of new product or communication projects.



“Ethic-People”, Fashion, Design, Sustainability and Strategy


Alessandro Crosato

Founder of Slow+Fashion+Design and Fashion Design Director


A few years ago, I approached the “SLOW“, first at the food, then as a lifestyle.

And finally I asked myself, “what can I do to bring the slow into fashion?”

So I decided to share this project with anyone who wants to approach the SLOW world, the Ethical Design and Sustainability.


Silvia Müller

Blogger of Slow+Fashion+Design and Interior Design.

I am the hand that writes the texts, takes care of the photographs and follows the image of slow + fashion + design.

Talking about positive examples excites me and I do it in a confident and instinctive way.

Describe is the most difficult thing, a kind of shyness accompanies me, but I will try to make myself known.



Mariel Jumpa 

Founder of Slow Fashion World.

Stockholm, Sweden

Slow Fashion World was born from the growing personal interest of Mariel Jumpa for a conscious lifestyle.

Mariel, noting the need for a radical change in the fashion industry, has created a network of designers and conscious consumers who share slow thinking.

It aims to be the reference network for all professionals working in the fashion and travel industry in an ethical and sustainable way, ensuring cultural diversity within their business.



Katherine Suarez Consulting

Think Digital. Be Personal

Thoughtful Strategic Branding, Business Envisioning and Digital Marketing for Lifestyle brands.

Over 20 years leading digital initiatives in the Fashion and Outdoor Industry for international brands including The North Face, 7 For All Mankind and Benetton. Today, Katherine founded her own digital and creative consultancy KatherineSuarezStudio.

Everything she does has a curated, bespoke approach — from working with like-minded clients looking to be innovative, grow their business and find their own voice to founding Nomad Atelier offering tailored workshops empowering people to  to slow down, refocus and design the life they want.

From Colombian origins, she lives now between Italy and Switzerland.


Federico Sambuco

Strategic and sustainable marketing

Within “Strategic and Sustainable Marketing” area we could not but include Federico Sambuco. Federico built his own professional experience and relationship network on the basis of honesty and straightforwardness, always refusing half-truths.

Grown as an old school marketer, Federico chose marketing as the core of his work.



Architetto Alberto Salvadori

Slow and Sustainable Architecture

Fascinated since childhood by rock music, he joins the profession of architect to an intense and visceral guitarist activity.

For many years he has played in the Estra never renounces the magic of original music considering it, like architecture, a concrete expression of their sensitivity.

He is among the founders of the SP3 cultural association.


Architetto Moris Valeri

Slow and Sustainable Architecture

Curious architect, never tired of any form of culture. He was one of the founders or active supporters of many associations: Anab (natural architecture), Fotosintesi.z (photography), Architects of Cavallino (architecture), SP3 San Pancrazio 3 (architecture and photography)

Sustainability and green building are essential principles with which it approaches each project.



Francesco Chiavacci Lago

Food, Wine and Music Expert.

For the section dedicated to “Food and Wine” and Music, a special expert, Francesco Chiavacci Lago, collaborates with us.

Passionate about everything that is beautiful and good, food, wine, music, will share thoughts and experiences in slow + fashion + design.

He tells himself this way.



Dott. Michel Bracca

Slow Life and Piscotherapy Ethic.

Slow + Fashion + Design avails itself of an important collaboration to tell slow life and explain Slow psychotherapy, Dr. Michel Braca.

He is a psychotherapist, intuitive and passionate who loves the relationship with nature and its cycles.

He describes himself like this:”I prefer to use the metaphor, because I do not like being called a doctor and the last thing I want is to make the reader believe he can heal by reading a psychology book.


Elisa Marchesini

Video Maker and Photographer.

Director of  VittorioFilmFestival.

For each image, for each frame, Elisa Marchesini tries to discover what can move emotions through graphic compositions, photography and moving representations always with curiosity, which becomes the first step towards creativity and an instinctive love for art, investigating and reworking suggestions and exploring the visual and narrative system.

This is how Operarea was born. as an experiment of creativity combined with the necessity of putting oneself to the test of young people, developing, in an alternative and interdisciplinary way, all the arts, both for the organization of important events, for public and private bodies, and for international companies.