Discovering our territory, from its history to its natural side. Together with Claudio Zennaro, Slow+Fashion+Design starts a new slow Travel collaboration. The ethical dimension and shared values will characterize our future projects within this area.


Claudio Zennaro, Environmental Hiking Guide

Claudio was born in 1987 in Venice. Like most of the people from this gorgeous city, his life has a very strong bond to water, to the sea and the laguna.

However, since his childhood, he had the chance to know mountains as well, spending family vacations in the Cadore region. Such experience drew him closer to nature in all of its forms, while bringing him to bond with family traditions deeply rooted in the territory.

This imprinting motivated Claudio to enroll in the Environmental Sciences faculty, at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. A choice that helped him building multidisciplinary skills in the environmental and natural area.

After his Master’s degree, he took some professional, office-based experience in big companies. Nevertheless, his heart and mind were somewhere else.

“That wasn’t a comfortable situation for me. I was just realizing, that wasn’t really my path.”

The turning point happened in 2016: after taking a course to become an Environmental Hiking Guide with AIGAE (“Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali ed Escursionistiche”), Claudio decided to become a professional guide in this sector.


A Slow Choice

From 2017 onwards, Claudio has been organizing trips throughout the Veneto region, guiding people, groups and young students. During his trails, he narrates all the natural sides of the territory, as well as its history, traditions and culture. He passes on all the enthusiasm and energy for his job and activities, which he loves.

Ever since our first meeting with him, we had chemistry, because we are all on the same page: ethics, respect, beauty, the value held by the concept of time.

Claudio tells this about himself:

“I identify much with Slow philosophy. I strongly believe that understanding our surroundings and environment help us living better. We need to be aware that we are part of nature as well, so we ought to respect it.”

According to this young guide, history, traditions, culture of the lands we inhabit are a huge and important heritage, which need to be protected and spread.

“We often know pretty well far away places, while ignoring our own landscapes, the hidden beauty of a park near home or the side behind the first hill nearby. In nowadays society, fast and superficial, it’s good to just stop sometimes, slowing down and seizing the moment. This concept is linked to my other passion, photography, thanks to which I can capture every instant, remembering and sharing it afterwards. Being an Environmental hiking guide is both a huge passion and my job.”

Narrating local traditions and culture: this is the path Claudio chooses to follow. A path that came across the one of Davide Simionato and other people bonded to their territorial identity, a group with whom a project is now taking shape.



Claudio Zennaro
Environmental Hiking Guide

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