EticaLiving is a cobranding project involving Slow+Fashion+Design and VGNewTrend, created to fulfill a shared and sincere market need.

The world of luxury changed its look throughout the years, rising awareness towards lifestyle instead of flaunt status symbols. A natural inclination, permeating the food sector as well as clothing and living interiors, aligning with healthy and ethical trends.

VGNewTrend classical shapes and Slow+Fashion+Design’s know-how gave birth to a new line, formed by a philosophy taking shape rather than products.

This is EticaLiving: a concept turning into matter, creating a Slow Luxury concept.


EticaLiving Collection

“We create products, supporting values that respect ethical and sustainable lifestyles.”

Nowadays luxury doesn’t follow commercial logics. It commits completely to creating objects with passion, shaping fine materials with virtuos techniques and realizing exclusive pieces.

Therefore, VG’s furniture elements have been reinterpreted through an in-depth research, with sustainable materials and natural handcrafted fabrics.

EticaLiving identifies with blue and gold colors, with essential and unique features.

The color Blue symbolizes tranquility, it stimulates relaxation and gives emotional balance. The color Gold recalls the sun, pureness and opulence, bringing energy and wealth.

The furnitures’ slim features are wrapped in velvet and jeans fabrics. The latter has been shaped by the skillful Flavio Ongaro, who created evocative textures, inspired by the work of Mariano Fortuny and the art of shibori.

Uniqueness is given by the peculiar fabrics, at the core of EticaLiving. The fabric pieces have been handcrafted and individually decorated. Thanks to the artisanal production, textures might be reproduced, but not a single piece will be identical to the others.

The locally manufactured framework, produced in Veneto, are made in wood, steel, water foam and kapok.

The purpose is creating a line made of italian products, not only sustainable ones, handcrafted with professionalism and passion. A choice aligned with Slow+Fashion+Design‘s Philosophy.

EticaLiving is the first project that puts into effect Slow thinking and inspiration. This gave shape to a small living room collection: a couch, two armchairs, two small armchairs, two tapestries and a chandelier.

“EticaLiving is no simple line of products, it’s a philosophy taking shape.”



VG was born in 1991, near Venice. From such a unique city, the company learned the art of beauty, of architectural proportions, the knowledge of using different materials and the inspiration from faraway cultures, reworked through the brilliant italian craftsmanship.

All of this is VG: a set of unique, authentic objects at interior designers’ disposal, who are free to realize exclusive projects, always different and eccentric. An educated luxury, moderately showing off, that could express an endless design research, with fine decorations.

The production is entirely based in Italy, curated by skilful hands and local artisans.


You can see a preview of EticaLiving line at the Salone del Mobile, from April 17th to April 22n 2018.

Photo credits: Elisa Marchesini and Francesco Chinarello, an exclusive production for Slow+Fashion+Design 
Location Credits: Operarea Vittorio Veneto,