A year is ending – a new one is on its way: it’s time to take stock and make new plans.
What next, in 2018?


Slow+Fashion+Design Community

This year, we are taking a very important step forward: change awaits Slow+Fashion+Design!

We are not keeping up just a blog anymore, since we are becoming an even more aware platform, with a business model as sustainable as our design approach.
In fact, we are working to structure a cooperation and partnership network that will make the project grow.

By the end of January, we will launch the new Slow+Fashion+Design Community, which aims at involving architects, designers, companies and individuals.

Community membership will come with lots of benefits.
Above all, though, it will give people an opportunity to connect and match with our intellectual ethic, while sharing the values of sustainability, and developing new lifestyles and workflows.

Our Blog is in further development and it is going to focus on several subjects, keeping you up-to-date with our initiatives.



Our 2018 calendar is almost full.

Make sure not to miss the Workshop series organized in cooperation with Katherine Suarez (Nomad Atelier). These workshops will offer SLOW business models – a concept that drifts away from principles such as fast distribution at all costs, while gaining back a natural pace, and breaking the time/speed combination imposed by nowadays industry.

Slow+Fashion+Design is also going on tour throughout Italy, following an itinerary. Padua is one of our first stops: a presentation event is held on March 15th at the historical Caffé Pedrocchi, in cooperation with BPER Banca.

In addition, we are developing a sustainable design project, blending together different influences and SLOW fashion. Thanks to this, we will take the first steps towards a proper and unique Slow-fashion collection.
The project will be completed by this Spring and the outcome is going to be presented in April, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

2018 will even bring some news on European level with the community and cooperation of Slow Fashion World.

A Happy 2018 – Slow!