In Castelfranco Veneto, on the 27th of October, 18.45 within the Meidea Atelier we’ll be discussing of TERRITORY, ETHIC and DESIGN.

The speakers will be Lucia Rosin for Meidea Italian Creativity, Francesco Chiavacci Lago for Associazione Amici di Giorgio Lago and Alessandro Crosato for Slow+Fashion+Design

There will also be the intervention of Luke Martini, manager of the clothing brand Rdress and promoter of the Ago e Filo project, aimed at the promotino of the craftsmen of luxury.

Different realities that share, support and promote values such as ethic, sustainability and beauty.

The diversity of the Italian territories is among the most diverse in the world. For this reason, each area should be trated specifically, with respect and emphasising local peculiarities.

Social boinds and trades, passed down in the years creating an intimate relationship with their territory, which is reflected in the traditions that need to be sheltered and valued.

We promote culture, ethic and design that must bound together. And we believe that knowledge is the key factor to design following the slow philosophy of the respect for the present and the future.



Lucia Rosin is a professional with more than 25 years of experience in the world of fashion. She collected the passion for travelling, photography and gardening and poured everything in her job. Sustainability drives all of her choices. An objective that she always tried to pursue in every project from the start of her career.

In 2004 she founded MEIDEA, a qualified group of professionals that delivers its know-how in the fashion and textile industry throughout the world.

July 2016 saw the launch of the new “Meidea Atelier” in the historic town centre of Castelfranco Veneto.   An onld industrial building transformed into an operational and exhibiting space.

Their primary objective, in addition to the counselling for many companies, is to create a development and research space, by means of artistic installations, events and conventions.

“My professional life in these years has always put me in front of crossroads. Your career, following traditional tracks, or taking an alternative route, with a greater freedom in your choices but at the same time with a much greater effort to carry them forward.“




In 2008, upon the initiative of the Lago family and the dearest friends and colleagues of Giorgio, the Associazione Amici di Giorgio Lago is created.

A private, non-profit association with the sole purpose of promoting initiatives to remember the cultural and civil work of Giorgio. Later on, the association establishes the Centro Studi Interdipartimentale Giorgio Lago at the University of Padova.

The project is based on the idea of providing his rich cultural heritage to the community.

Strongly endorsed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Giuseppe Zaccaria  which shared with Lago ideals and battles. The centre has been run by Prof. Gianni Riccamboni and it’s currently directed by Prof.ssa Patrizia Messina. The aim is to track the evolution of the northeast, with a particular focus on the involvement of young students.

From 2005 to 2009 the city of Jesolo, organized, with the cooperation of Veneto’s Association of Journalists, the Journalist Award Giorgio Lago in his honor. Among the winners we find Mario Rigoni Stern, Gianni Mura, Candido Cannavò, Ferruccio De Bortoli.

From 2011 to 2015 the Award is relocated in Castelfranco Veneto. It’s extended to five categories (journalism, business, volunteering, sport, culture). Amond the winners we find Renzo Rosso, Paolo Mieli, Giovanni Rana, Marco Paolini, Miki Biasion.

On the 13th of March 2015, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his passing, the Padova University Press presents “C’era una volta il Nordest. Giorgio Lago, vent’anni di giornalismo razza Piave” in the Aula Magna of Palazzo del Bo in the University of Padova.

The Association Amici di Giorgio Lago is led by Luigino Rossi. The Governing Council includes Francesco Jori, Bepi Covre, Mario Bertolissi and Francesco Chiavacci Lago.




Young Start-Up that promotes ethic, sustainability and beauty, starting from the world of fashion and moving on to life style, because the slow philosophy shouldn’t be a trend, but a way of living.

SLOW+FASHION+DESIGN researches and shares, people, companies and projects that endorse the same philosophy and operate under these standards.

Born from the need to propose positive examples of life style, it immediatly gained a great number of followers, craftsmen, designers, as well as entrepreneurs, confirming the urge, the will and the need for change.

Alessandro Crosato and Silvia Müller, along with the architects Alberto Salvadori and Moris Valeri, doctor Michel Braca and Francesco Chiavacci Lago, work together to publicise projects and the philosophy of SLOW+FASHION+DESIGN.

Since October, Slow+Fashion+Design has been appointed the Italian “ambassador” for Slow Fashion World.

An international platform of professionals in the field and a community born from the growing personal interest of Mariel Jumpa (Stockholm, Sweden) for a conscious life style.

Using the community and the services, Slow Fashion World promotes transparency, integrity and consciousness of personal and profesional actions, providing growth and interaction opportunities.





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