Open market – Treviso – recycle – Open Piave

Open Market – Handmade & Second Hand, is a regular event on the last weekend of each month. Within the ex”Piave military area” in Treviso, there is a market dedicated to handmade, recycle and second-hand designer, alongside the food market at km 0 of Genuino Clandestino.


 OPEN MARKET was born in OpenPiave, part of the planned design for the “urban regeneration” of the “ex Caserma Piave” area in Treviso (

The project involves the upgrading of some “caserma” spaces, with the support of the IUAV University of Venice, some associations, some professional studios, public bodies, groups and individual citizens.


I Values of Open Market

Values are welcome, conviviality, knowledge, craftsmanship,  music, sharing and culture as well.

There is a carpentry workshop, a sewing machine, a pretty library, a bar, a gym, a welcoming place.

When there is Open market, it lives with many stands of handicrafts, design objects with recycled and second-hand materials. Concerts are often organized.

An interesting collaboration with “Re-Biennale” in Venice, which provides the dismantled materials of past editions of the biennials that are used for creative recycling.

Next marked Sunday, September 24, Open Market at the Ex-Caserma Piave of Treviso.


List of published photos in sequential order:

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