Alessandro Crosato

Slow Fashion Design Director and Founder of Slow+Fashion+Design

“My life”

I was born in Treviso in the 70’s. 

A small town, in the Italian Veneto region that in the last 30-years became a central point for the Italian economy. 

My passion for fashion started as I was a child. 

I admired art in all its forms. So as soon as I got the chance, I moved to Florence to study at the Fashion Universiy in collaboration with Ent-Art Polimoda.

This is how my dream started.

I finally found my way among interesting people and cultural activities. 

My eyes were full of history.. 

Social events filled up the few gaps left from studying and the degree arrived soon. 

The first work experiences were positive, I was full of energie. 

Creativity, curiosity as well as new challenges are very important in life. 

I follow saying that when I feel like I gave everything to a company, I feel like moving on even though this may require a city change. This could be potentially a sacrifice in terms of family and friends. 

Though this also gives the opportunity to meet new people, cultures and become more open-minded. 

Change gives the opportunity to revive passions. 

“My philosophy”

After 10-years of working experience, that allowed me to grow, finally came back to my land. 

My refer “philosophy”?

It’s been a few years that I have approached the SLOW philosophy, first in relation to food and then as lifestyle. 

After this I have started to ask myself if there was  a way for me to bring this mentality into fashion. 

This is why I started this blog with the intention of sharing the information with everyone interested in considering taking the SLOW attitude into consideration. 

Another goal is also to participate to a new Italian Fashion project, starting from ethical concepts and sharing this projects, thoughts, proposals and SLOW places. 


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