I am SLOW, Mauro Fumagalli.

Mauro Fumagalli, currently manager in Belstaff, has a long career in the fashion industry, working in companies such as Dolce Gabbana, Armani and Versace.

The ephemeral environment he’s working in has never affected his SLOW values.

In the past, he lived for a long time in Asia, Africa and India, in order to discover different realities other than the one he lives in.

These journeys made him align with the local lifestyles, allowing a complete understanding of the countries’ ways and customs.

Sometimes without money and with little food, sometimes going through very strong experiences, up to the limit. Soul travels that enriched him with values, sounds, colors, scents.

He learned the tremendous value of water, which is indispensable for life. In these countries, so far away from us, he came into contact with his deepest energy, and has fueled the enthusiasm of living. The important gift these journeys have given to Mauro is the ability to donate and welcome unconditionally.

The greatest regret is that these realities are already contaminated by our consumerism and will never go back. His children and the new generations will no longer be able to confront with these worlds in the purest way. 

In what he believes

Mauro believes in sustainability, both in the world and in companies. He’s currently committed to launching a project of Corporate Social Responsibility within his company.

Time is the most important resource, the most precious asset is the chance to choose how to use it.

Nowadays, we employ more energy to feed the social and economic machine, through endless productions, than to meet the primary needs of people. 

Mauro’s life quote is “beauty will save the world” by Dostoevsky, not only in an aesthetic sense but as harmony, poetry, uniqueness.

The only way to change the world is to think of a better one.