Uniqueness is the 10th point of our DecalogueIt is everyone’s condition that we tend sometimes to underestimate.

Value is given by the condition in which everyone is unique.

Society tried to infuse the fact that we are all the same. There is nothing crazier than this.

We confuse showing respect to everyone with being the same. Just like for plants, animals and even stones, there are different species, groups that show similar characteristics.

In nature doesn’t exist a perfect copy which is the beauty’s secret.


Uniqueness is what makes us different and big.

Following contemporaneity, practicality and economy, men have ideated industrial manufacturing that are not bad yet are part of progress.

Though the frenetic push for producing things fast and at a low price tend to uniform the characteristics of each item.  We lost the sartorial craftsmanship, the one carefully tailored and personalized.

The SLOW+FASHION+DESIGN philosophy promotes diversity, uniqueness and personal style.  

It is possible to apply this to all fields but success is a result of authenticity and ability to take advantage from all personal features.

Being able to connect with our inner dimension helps express our attitude.

Even defects are characteristics to the person. Connecting those to something bad is the result of trying to homologate people as much as possible. 

Defects can be seen as characteristics. If seen with a positive connotation, defects could even turn into qualities.  

The art of being oneself is not encouraged by collective logic because this tends to maintain uniformity as it sees diversity as a threat.  

Uniqueness transforms people into incomparable creatures that characterize its individuality and exalts beauty.


This is the greatest work of art that has been given to realize:

“Every human being is a form of life in itself: authentic and unique. People were born with their own individuality. Still there is something to be done that goes above and beyond the pre-established things of nature. He/she becomes aware of who he/she is, what is around and what to connect with . This is possibly what was given to us.”


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